The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

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This book is my journey from the absolute depths of inner hell to my university education and the extending scientific research. In my darker days of a tortorous 'Right to work' that creates the state called Abnormal to be Normal delusional denial was never an issue. Ask many sufferers and they will say' "Yes I'm feeling good". What they cant say: is the fact that they are not trained to speak their mind. Being of them many can admit to me the same reasoning that the mind and the vocalised voice are two different stories. Through these books on this website I have written the clarity and this resultant academic work.

This third book relays how I Theorise of the body having Glandular Sensual Neurones that relay the,"Taste/smell of Coffee" or the, "Scent of Magnolia" to the brain. These compartmental glands store what is Theory of Mind and are a control point of the bodily motion, facial and tonal emotions. These are the compartments that build Embodiment and Fashion trends where friends have a clique that causes harmony to the Psychosocial ignorant. The concept of Tinnitus mentioned in my other books is a state of emotional input where body and mind are the effect of frequency relays that cause Theory of Mind to react in a Psychosocial sense of Erving Goffmans Script. It's also the capability of the Inner Peace Experience via relaxed bodily ignorance that tinnitus relays and then causes sensual motion via these glands.

Where the Sympathetic nervous system causes the Norm of Society to look up in alarm at a loud mouth the mental health client does not have a Sympathetic compensation and so sits in a ridicule of that Psychosocial dejection spread by a fun loving criminal looking to clear up the guilt ridden looks that they couldn't give a sh... about. Deviant or Deviance is the sh.. you need to work out.
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What I say mental illness of voices is it's a cause of the Bi-cameral state of human
evolution called sleep and is a Theory of mine known as the day/night/day continuum.
What builds one day via Interpellation is taken to sleep where Psychosocial automation
that is Bi-cameral is lived and seen as people of localised Script reacting in a Metropolis
of robot actions. A voice down the road may cause you to look up only to find a friend
is coming from that direction causing the robotic action of Script and Interpellation.That
is a basic conception of what this book entails. I also say the Bi-cameral state is a
throwback that is mental illness and if overcome returns to the state of Psychosocial
ignorance of body mentalism. However many suffer from a denial factor caused by
superstition and riducule by the big talking rapists, paedephiles and many criminals that
still have a voice because the mental health client cannot face them down by looking
into their eyes of blatent atrocities caused by conscious happy chat that sounds good
in the Buzzing crowds general merriment. In society many of the latter have more status simply because they know how to comunicate via body and voice. And yes of course they can make you laugh - or cry when the ignorant overhear a truth that causes instinct to flare up into an argument that cannot be justified consciously because of criminal bravado. These are the people of Script Dissension. Because many in society are ignorant the criminal keeps to a Theory of Mind where bravado can laugh themselves off badly trodden paths and for the final crowded Buzzing ignorance? it then lands in the clients Performance as a guilty denial for not looking up in alarm because of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic dysfunctions in the Medulla Oblongata. Once established in the Vagus nerve the inner voices - that the Vagus controls in vocal methods - are a reactant to the exposure of outer forces caused by Script dissension. As the book explains even this can be cured via methods within these books.

When looking within a Performance of a Buzzing crowd everyone plays a part that builds the lows and highs of tones, but the mental health client with the lowered head becomes a focal point of the ridiculing Buzz. But what I explain in this academic book is that a client can be taken away from the denial factor of mental disease (!) But then the stage I had to use after moving to a new area was the Term L.V.S 'Lower Voice of Significance'. At this level clients are treated with a fervent religious Dissension that in fact covers the loud mouth criminals, but also gives a balancing sense of fun at what is hidden in modern Psychosocial paranoia... a mental health client denying the truth of that argument that has nothing to do with them other than Psychosocial acceptance of what they are expected of in society...and yes that's protect a paedephile that can shout 
ignorance in a new area. This Buzzing Dissension in a client is a cause of medicaments sometimes and how - in many - they are left in a state of 'Rest and digest' via the Sympathetic nervous system because the 'Flight or fight' syndrome is non-existent due to the psychotropic effects of some medications. It is the breaking of that Psychosocial Interpellation that my works create.


Laugh if you will - I dont give a care - create your own Script because I've risen above your Psychosocial Fervour and yes go to church, you never know a mental health disease may follow your Script Buzz or may even be sitting in madness waiting for you in Chinese whispers. Oooops sorry China Social paranoia of? Afterall its the psychiatric Consultants 'Right to work madness' in England where mental health nearly had me like a zombie living a visual graveyard in my head where no one would find the final proof to a Consultants ' Right to work madness into the system. And yes try some Largactil for a couple of years and see if you become a walking zombie doctors, my army friend nearly did on just one tablet. I was strong enough to overcome that poison, but many are well....poisoned. Or would you like to try it in a diseased mental health hospital where only fun loving criminals are the escapists. I wised up and spoke out about my religious fervour and Script stealing for a dominant witchy Script of what.... my food in my stomach and the high some medicaments are meant to cause. And do you know what I've rebuilt myself after the innuendo of what sounded much like withcraft from some individuals shouting from way down the street. But a Psychosocial paranoia where I can only recognise some of the conversationalists! Mental health codes are a religious right to protect the masses but I've seen Psychosocial paranoia building and do you know

Now via the L.V.S it is not - as I explain - just schizophrenic, psychotic or Bi-polar of voices but noises that can create a body of erratic motions caused by fervent Psychosocial deprevity. These are all boundaries I assessed with clarity even where words as low as Tinnitus frequencies were given a response via a choir or someone downstairs of Psychosocial shouting of my Scripts individualism. This curing has all been recorded on this website, but this third gives academic reasoning via medical research that finally extends into Tardif Dyskinesia and the Vagus nerve. By the way Olanzapine can actually cause Tardif Dyskinesia of involuntary jaw and tongue movement caused via: the inner voice boxes interaction of sublime inner body Bi-cameral responses as is a; feature of this academic reasoning of the Vagus nerve. Bi-cameral is a reality of a modern shizophrenic, psychotic or Bi-polar Empathic war that no one likes to acknowledge other than the ones that say to the consultant, "No I cant even hear what your saying". I was stupidily ignorant to say yes...but I kept strong in the knowledge of, "Yes he diagnosed my own psychotic voices my normal disease of voices purveyed. But that's psychiatry in England for you . Their work, their practises are an evolved state that if broken proves that it is a result of protecting the fun loving criminals that actually have the bravado to say they are deaf. Read if you will social paranoia can get to anyone in the doctors fun loving mental health... disease. ! or ? your choice download and enjoy.

Now I have been writing this third book for 9 years and has just started to be edited. Here you can download the first 92 pages as a free protected download for a Microsoft Word document processor. Consciousness.

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