The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.


GABA and its brain nutrients involved directly from the intestines and the Vagus nerve. A bio-culture formed at birth as a bacteria system of causing Core Identity to formulate a principle state of Inner Experience of the Self Technologies in Theory of Mind. It is used in the processing of food and liquids. It is considered an inhibitory, but research suggests an excitory factor is involved in early years of a developing brain. I suggest this causes the THETA state of normal body/brain functioning via usual factors of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic harmony that helps establish the emotional statements of body mentalist attitudes and speech via the Vagus nerve.
GABA meaning Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is directly controlled by the Vagus nerve because this nerve has direct function involved with many of the inner organs including the stomach and intestines. The Vagus nerve also controls the speech patterns used for communication and also inner thoughts that are mumbled - reading a newspaper - or said out loud. This latter statement of reading is usually via the inner voice box where thought of Inner Experiences exists as self technologies.
In chemical terminology it's classed as an amino acid, but GABA in the scientific or medical establishments is rarely referred to this way. This is because an "amino acid," used without a qualifier (shape changing) refers to the alpha amino acids. GABA is not, neither is it considered to be incorporated into proteins. It is more a digestion juice and is the individual structuring made in infancy from the mothers milk ingestion. This gives individuality in the early stages of outer life along with other Homeostatic Script devices that eventually establishes an Ego Identity. Ego Identity is the stabilization into a young adult that has commited roles in life narration.
Anxiety problems have been linked to GABA problems as has depression disorders. Inhibitory problems that causes the mood swings into depression disorders may be due to an over-production in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic harmony as is the same with anxiousness and other anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders that start to form may cause a person to try overcommunicating to identity problems inside where nothing can be found in a conscious sense of feelings and notions. The feelings give give a craving for certain nutrients however. Much like Leucine in depression disorders deposits may build in the gut that causes stimulation of patterns involved with mental illnesses and mental disabilities.
In the brain Gaba is converted via Glutamate and the inclusion of vitamin B6. This helps inhibit body/brain barrier reactions that can cause anxiety and depression disorders. Many B vitamins (nutraceuticals) are in use within the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic stimulus that gives harmony between the body/brain barrier. This is a key area of the brain involved in keeping you calm and steady when relaxing and communicating via the area of the brain known as the Medulla Oblongata.    
This is a key area involved with the central nervous system that controls bodily reactions to notions and motions that are sensed via the Peripheral nervous system (PNS). The PNS controls how you react to situation. Hence when getting anxious you cannot explaion why because sometimes it is from Psychosocial reactions. Much like the Being Gullible page explains about laughing - the PNS can pick up sensually about someone laughing across the room when you are trying to be serious. This is a Phobic mental illness, rather than a Norm of Society that has the verbal and tonal instruments to react via body language without getting mental anxiety or depression over the situation because their Theory of Mind knows how to react of use the Sympathetic nerve to cause 'Disassociation'. Simply by looking around the room can cause the desired effect in the Norm of Society. As a disabled person the term used in Psychology is Abnormal to be Normal. It is not a term used to express a diseased mind but someone that has an illness disability.
GABA is a neurotransmitter that inhibits brain stimulus of nerves. This can cause the Peripheral nervous system that controls sensory input via the sight, ears, scent and bodily notions to malfunction causing body language and communication to dysfunction.