The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

Leucine and the Psychological trauma of Depression.

Leucine Depression is in part from this Branched Chain Amino Acid. Leucine helps muscle function in the facial structure after exercise.

Exercise aids depression simply because the facial muscles can be corrected away from sadness. This is via re-stretching the lips and outer eyes muscles. It is where looks from Psychosocial interaction can see the Psychological trauma of Depression. This can then stabilize your Chakra electro-chemistry with Psychosocial feelings and Peripheral sensations of traumatic Depression. If a gym is not your style a facial massage can also alleviate the saddened looking muscles. These that form a Facial Conformity Disorder as a Psychosocial Peripheral sensation of the Psychologically traumatic causes of Depression and other Traumas of Depressive Disorders via the Leucine structure of muscles. In the state of traumatic Depression, a Facial Conformity Disorder sets the face into Depression via Leucine and the muscle structure of HMB (beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid). This then becomes traumatized in the electro-chemistry of Psychosocial Chakra nerve tissue and scent.

I say an imbalance of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin combined with the Facial Conformity Disorder of Leucine and HMB deep in the muscles causes an anxiety shock attribute in Chakra nerves of Psychosocial attributes. In the electro-chemistry, it causes a natural trauma of Depression Disorder occurrence. It seems idiosyncratic that depression and sleepy low breath are interconnected via the Parasympathetic reaction of ‘Rest and Digest’. This is where the facial contortions pull the facial muscles into the stance of Psychologically traumatic Depressive Disorders like the trauma of Bipolar Depression. Neurochemistry Residual Risk of the Psychological trauma of Depression lingers when happiness seems like it has been re-achieved. But in the facial muscle structure of depressive Disorder clients, many say ‘I don’t feel happy inside’. And this is because of a lack of exuberant exercise or facial massaging and this causing the Facial Conformity Disorder to slacken the facial muscles back into a traumatically slouching stance via Neurochemistry of Psychosocial Chakras. That Inflammation of the Leucine and HMB Psychosocial anxiety shock cascade after stimulation causes moments of happiness and is over-stimulus in the Sympathetic nerve that leads to Bipolar elation. It is a block in the body/brain barrier that can be appraised as a Facial Conformity Disorder and the Alpha-1 Antitrypsin of Psychosocial Peripheral Neurochemistry of Chronic Mentality Inflammation.
It is from a bi-product of an over-active Parasympathetic nervous system of 'Rest and Digest' in a saddened sleepy state of Theory of Mind and Embodiment. It can be seen as a traumatically sleepy or a glum traumatic depression. Its alleviation is via a facial stance of becoming Grumpy.
The traumas of Depressive Disorders form from excessive sad states in the facial structure of glum which is also a Bipolar Disorder Facial Conformity Disorder. This then enters the next state of facial conformity to a traumatic sadness or a trauma of depressive disorder of Psychosocial scent and Embodiment as Theory of Mind Anxiousness. This is the cause of expressive Psychological trauma of Facial Conformity Disorder Depression. This causes the body to become saddened into excessive glum in the trauma of 'Rest and Digest' that cannot be compensated via its Sympathetic nervous system Harmony because there is no reason for 'Flight' in your Psychologically traumatic sleepy facial stance. This stance is seen as a dysfunction in the Glum state or Psychologically traumatic sadness. In Glum the eyes can remain alerted whereas the outer lips are pulled downward and this can also cause the outer edges of the eyes muscles to assume a sad or the Psychological trauma of a Depressive Disorder.