The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

Lyase, Ketones and Bipolar Disorders and mood swings.

Lyase deficiency causes a lack of the body being able to re-produce sufficiently: Leucine; Ketones. It is also known as an addition in my research on Bi-polar Disorder, but also relates to other incidents of mood swing disorders and may play a cause of the Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD) depression. Lyase deficiency (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase) can cause irritability and lethargy which are both states of mood swing disorders.

Metabolic Acidosis can cause: Confusion or lethargy, but also; shock or death. In Bi-polar the shock or death becomes an experience of outer notion to a Confabulation towards others' mentality in Theory of Mind, whereas depression is an Inner Experience of shock relating to lethargy. In Bi-polar this 'Outer Experience' notion could be a smell or the tonal accents involved in the communique. It is the points of Interpellation towards a Core Identity that causes emotional auto-immunity via the emotional statements caused by a: Globalized state of humanity and constant vocalized equilibrium that is; constantly changed by Globalised Social Scientists in terms of Script. Not only in words, but tonal accents and even smell from globalizing eating Fashion Trending. That is the personal issue with Bi-polar and tests can actually be carried out for this condition. Tests that can be researched are for breathing (Asthma or hyper-ventilation) and a metabolic (dietary) diagnosis for Metabolic Acidosis. 
Testing examples:
1. Urine sample.

2. Lactic acid testing. (Can be a cause of Anaemia).

4. Arterial blood gas analysis.

5. Urine or blood ketones.

Breathing problems can cause a lack of oxygen, but also confusion still exists in Script narration within 'hyper-ventilation' causing confused or hypo and hyper-confabulated emotional cognitive communique. So a wander drug is needed and I say that is Iron and Sodium Bicarbonate with regular water intake. This may stop the Bi-polar client from getting Theory of Mind into a confusion in the body/brain barrier of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve system. This causes the confusing emotional input from vocalization and the Inner Experience via the Vagus nerve. All three are within the Medulla Oblongata. The Vagus nerve conforms the viscera and speech patterns. During treatment for Metabolic Acidosis fluids can be given intravenously. Iron (for anemia) is an intelligence nutraceutical as well (vitamins... etc) and the Sodium Bicarbonate reduces acidity. And with water or juices? They help feed and flush the system.

In iron nutraceuticals thoughts of the Inner Experience would be,
"I wish I could make more of myself"
"I know I should have been more".
"Life is boring (lethargism) and I wish I could do more for myself".

Ref: Lyase Deficiency Lyase Deficiency

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