The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

Traumatic Chronic Inflammation of Psychological Mast cells

Mast Cells are part of the White Blood Cell system and involve Chronic Inflammation of Psychological trauma and the trauma of hearing voices in the head. The Mast Cells are rich in Histamine and Allergy relief supplements are Anti-Histamines. These also cause the lack of motion sickness alleviation in the Psychological trauma of mental health illness. In other words, they are Antagonists within the body/ brain barrier given to stimulate blood flow and stimulate Histamine production in what you have nutritionally available. So saying an overproduction of Histamine H3 can be used to kill overproduction of this Nitrogenous Delta Wave frequency Bicameral state. In the Psychological mental health state this then produces a sleepwalking of a Bicameral Delta Wave Amplitudes without cognition of Tinnitus frequencies. These are of an Abnormal to be Normal.
In this state, the Tinnitus is denied giving the inner ear usage of the inner voice box as hearing the Psychological trauma of voices.
Mast Cells such as Histamine H3 (Delta) Granules are part of the Autoimmune system and Adaptive Immune responses such as actions of body mentalist attitudes. In some, I say Histamine H3 have become imbalanced and the Enzymes created a new Adaptation in Theory of Mind of the Psychological trauma of Bi-cameral states of Delta Wave Amplituder's of Slow Wave sleepwalking. This is in the Cytoplasm of the blood/brain barrier of Tinnitus frequencies via an imbalance of Nitrogenous Compounds of Histamine known as Mast Cells or white blood cells in the blood/brain/body frequency barrier. Mast cells are especially numerous at the sites of potential injury like the nose and mouth. Histamine is produced by mast cells found in nearby connective tissues. Histamine increases the permeability of the capillaries to white blood cells and some proteins. This allows them to engage pathogens in the inflamed tissues. H3 receptors are primarily found in the brain and are the Parasympathetic Inhibitory autoreceptors located on Histaminergic nerve terminals. These modulate the releasing of the Histamine. H3 Antagonists have a stimulant and nootropic effect, but an imbalance in them causes a Delta Wave Amplitude effect in the Tinnitus frequency. So saying the brain is having an allergic reaction due to Nitrogenous Compounds of Histamine in Mast cells. These are being researched as potential drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions such as the Psychological trauma of Alzheimer's disease. H3-Antihistamines have a stimulant and cognition based modulating effect.
An Antihistamine is a type of pharmaceutical medicament that opposes the activity of histamine receptors in the body/brain barrier. Antihistamines are sub-classified according to the histamine receptor that they are chemically interacting with, within the Chakra Energies. The two largest classes of antihistamines are H1-Antihistamines and H2-Antihistamines. Antihistamines that target histamine H1-receptors are used to treat allergic reactions in the nose of the Mucous membrane (e.g., itching, runny nose, and sneezing) as well as for insomnia. These also can be used to treat the lack of mental health motion sickness or vertigo caused by problems of Vestibular Motion Disorder in the inner ear in the Psychosocial Performance. H1-Antihistamines work by binding to the histamine H1 receptors in mast cells and Endothelium of the body.
Psychologically, the trauma of many mental health illnesses like mood swing disorders and its opposite ends such as the trauma of Depression and Psychological mania trauma are barrier related. This being discussed as H3 Mast cells in the Mucous membrane of the Non-physical illness phenomena Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia that give a Facial Conformity Disorder as does Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is when a mental health imbalance in the body/brain barrier exists.
And it is a neuro-immune Adaptation to Bicameral Theory of Mind and Embodiment. And as I say that evolvement to this state of a Norm of Society exists in the Inner peace Experience of cognition of Psychological Tinnitus frequencies.
The neuro-immune system exists in the blood/brain and the blood/Cerebrospinal fluid barrier and also via the Vagus nerve within the body/brain barrier of the Mucous membrane. This, in turn, controls the Central Nervous System of the Harmony of the Vagus nerve into the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve of
Stimulus-Response → Reflex (DSE212, Open University, U.K) = Psychological voices of hearing sublime trauma and Psychological mood swings via the Hypothalamus and its discord within its direct contact with the Sympathetic nerve.
This Psychological trauma happens in the body/brain barrier of the Cerebrospinal fluid as well. At this point, the neuro-immune system of the brain has the Psychological trauma of a dysfunctional Psychological Harmony in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve. This pertains to that of a Norm of Society of a Bicameral Adaptation. “If Tinnitus is the resultant cognition in Theory of Mind and Psychosocial Chakras then: the Inner Experiences should remain without the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head”.

Reflex response to pathogens and toxins of Mast Cells.
Neuro-immune systems and Reflex are also involved in the trauma of hearing Psychological voices. Reflex controls the Vagus nerve which aligns in the Glossopharyngeal nerve of motor function of the Inner peace Experience of these two nerves entering thoughtfulness in the Norm of Society. This is via Mast Cells of white blood cells and the Vagus Harmony of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reactions. It also involves the Glossopharyngeal nerve that controls speech and inner voices from the Throat Chakra. The vocal cords are composed of twin infoldings of the mucous membrane. These are stretched horizontally, from back to front, across the larynx which works in Harmony with the Glossopharyngeal nerve. They vibrate and this causes a modulating of the flow of air being expelled from the lungs during Phonation. The Vocal cords of Phonation and Prosody open when breathing and vibrating for speech or and singing, the folds are controlled via the vagus nerve and the Glossopharyngeal nerve in the Throat Chakra as well.
Vagus nerve Reflex gives a Response to the Glossopharyngeal and the Sympathetic nerve and Parasympathetic. The Stimulus result is Inner Experiences on a Psycho Social scale of the 7 Chakras existing as the Psychosocial energy of sublime Psychological trauma of Delta Wave hearing voices. This being to a Delta Wave Amplituder of lacking a Theory of Mind where Core Identity should exist as cognition of Tinnitus frequencies.
Nerve impulses travel down the brainstem to the Mucosal cells that enter via the Glossopharyngeal nerve at the Throat Chakra of the inner voice box where the trauma of hearing voices exists. Mucosal cells control Mucous membrane that involves the inner voice via Endodermic tissue.  It is mostly of endoderm origin and is continuous with the skin at various body openings such as the eyes, ears, inside the nose, inside of the mouth, lip, the urethral opening and the anus, frenulum of tongue, tongue. 
The Mucous membrane lines various cavities in the body and it also surrounds the internal organs. In the Psycho Social and Core Identity Embryogenic Germ Layers, it is Endoderm in its origin, but Ectoderm as a Peripheral set of Inner Experiences. It is important in the speech areas along with the Glossopharyngeal and Vagus nerves. It helps with Homeostatic control of Vestibular Motion Disorder in the eyes and ears. Mucous Membranes are composed of one or more layers of Epithelial cells that secrete mucous in the mouth and eyes. In the inner ear the membrane controls Homeostatic Vestibular Motion of hot and cold reactions causing attraction of the eyes via the ears. All the glands are made up of epithelial cells. Functions of epithelial cells include secretion, selective absorption, protection and peripheral sensing.
Mucous Membranes line the digestive system, respiratory and Reproductive tracts and are a primary external barrier for the Inner Experience as a Core Identity in Psychosocial interaction. They control the Homeostatic energy of the Chakras where Psychosocial peripherals cause the heat control in the inner ear of Vestibular motions that causes alertness and also the desire to blink Parasympathetic Ignorance into a Cortical reboot.
A Psychosocial (mentality) trauma of Psychosocial Phobia or Psychosocial Phobic is a set of feelings that some get caught up in when out in societal Performance circumstances. But sometimes it is because of social circles; sometimes because they never stood up for themselves; some because of lack of dietary intake causing the body/brain divide imbalances. A phobic is just that: an irrational state where words do not usually exist as a comprehension but as a paranoia leveled at the Norm of Societies Psychosocial anxiety of the 7 Psychological Chakra Energies.
The Glossopharyngeal nerve has direct contact with the Vagus nerve where Inner thought Experiences exist in the Norm of Society in meditation. In the Abnormal to be Normal with the state of the Psychological trauma of hearing voices because they have become Delta Wave Amplituder’s. This is the interaction between the Glossopharyngeal nerve where the Mucous membranes via Epithelial cells are not lubricating the inner lining of the mouth and inner voice box with a lack of swallowing saliva because the Mucosal cells are not firing in the brainstem and Cerebrospinal fluid of Homeostatic Germ Layers and Epithelial cells. In the Psychosocial Cycle of Enquiry it would make sense that the inner linings of the mouth and throat may be rich in Antihistamine H1 inducement because Chakra Energies have a blockage in the Central Nervous System (CNS) via an imbalance of Delta (H3) Nitrogenous Compound of Histamine via a lack of its Cortical rebooting because of overproduction causing a Psychological trauma of mood swings. And that causes Psychological sublime peripheral sensation giving a mental health trauma of sight. This then leads to Vestibular Motion Disorder in the Sympathetic inner ear. This is known in the Physical sense as Glossopharyngeal and Trigeminal Neuralgias and result in physical pains within the mouth and face or a Psychosocial Psychological trauma of Facial Conformity Disorders of a traumatic mental health illness.
Too much Histamine H3 and the Psychological moon swings towards Elation, Psychological trauma of psychotic episodes and mania and too little: Schizophrenia and Traumatic depressive Disorders. H3 Delta Wave is a Sympathetic reaction and is the key to alertness from Psychosocial Anxiety issues with the Psychological trauma of hearing voices. This then gives a motion sickness of controlled body mentalist attitude. It is in congruence of body language instead of a thoughtful Slow Wave frequency pattern of Psychosocial notion gathering instead of static motion of sleepwalking can be cured via Histamines and Anti-histamines.
H3 is an Autoreceptor and Hetero receptor which functions to give a decreased Neurotransmitter release of Histamine, Acetylcholine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin of the Sympathetic nerve. It works by giving the brain a pruritus (itch) in its imbalance at the Vagus nerve, Sympathetic (Norepinephrine) and the Glossopharyngeal nerve giving Tardif Dyskinesia of the trauma of hearing voices. This all affects a Core Identity who has the Psychological trauma of hearing voices. This itch is where the Psycho Social establishment exists as a Core Identity stabilised in the trauma of hearing voices in their 7 Chakra Energies and existing into DNA and Germ Layer penetration.