The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

The Psychological trauma of Schizophrenia and traumatic Psychosis.

Schizophrenia and Psychosis: Paranoia and Anxiousness of the Body/Brain barrier.
We all know that Schizophrenia can be a world created via paranoia. Psychosis however is different. So what are the differences between paranoid Schizophrenia and some Psychotic Episodes where Projection-ism is involved?
Psychotic trauma Disorders are a cause of Anxiety where thoughtful reasoning of electro-chemical anxiousness is not present. This I call Historical Insignificance in the body’s pathogenic system where outer Psycho Social Buzz has been removed. Usually the inner feelings have no electro-chemical desire to feel anxious in psychotic episodes giving the body/brain barrier electro-chemical imbalances. It is more of an inner sensation of historical Anxiety hidden by confusion of an old placebo that has become dormant.
Confabulation is a psychotic episode where the feelings can overload the un-thoughtfulness process via a lack of Cortical rebooting of blinking the eyes. Anxiety driven Psychosis episodes is an effect of the ‘Fight or Flight’ dysfunction in the Sympathetic nervous system of the body/brain barrier.
So Schizophrenia and Psychotic trauma’s differ because the Parasympathetic nerve rules ‘Rest and Digest’ or hide in the cupboard because of paranoid inner feelings. Schizophrenia is a state of Projection-isms and this ideology can be used for medicaments designed to enhance the harmony points of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve in the Autonomic nervous systems induction point............via the Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is centred as the body/brain barrier via the hearing of the inner ear and Tinnitus blood frequencies. Something for Thomas Haslwanter to think about.
All these theories can be turned into a placebo effect in a set of standard body language enhancements consciously practiced in a talkative positivism of Body Mentalists attitude - in Psychosis trauma: via learning problematic communicational media studies and exercise. This is an excellent regime if you have an Anxiety Disorder as well as keeping you agile in the Sympathetic heart. Eat your heart out Team Builders or what.
A placebo is Conditioning involving positivism of self-communication adhered to via body motion of set standards. These set standards create the individual 
characteristic of your body language, but also define the Fashion Trend you follow in friends, colleagues and how you dress and Perform.
So curing anxiousness in a psychotic imbalance needs a new Fashion Trend in yourself via a new set of standards in the way you use body mentalist notions. These are used to explain your inner self that you not only relay to others, but yourself can react internally with electro-chemicals of traumatic feelings of anxiousness. This is in the heart and the Sympathetic link to the brain/body barrier. This is your chemical imbalance in your body/brain barrier. It is the trauma of body mentalists of inner heart feelings without thoughtful desires of conscious or cognitive thoughtfulness that relates to anxious moments in historical Insignificance. In the eBook Body Mentalists there are many placebos that will aid recovery. This paragraph explains how Psychosocial reacts to you as a Core Identity via Script and Homeostatic Buzzing energies.
This is the unconscious you and the body mentalist imbalance is a lacking of something to think anxiously about until the electro-chemical episode has been re-aligned via a nutraceutical. In the body mentalist attitude conscious thinking avoids Confusion in the body/brain barrier of blood frequencies of the Inner ear Experience of Tinnitus.
Nutraceuticals are vitamins, minerals, herbs and spices and all things good for digestive alleviation and sustenance.
So yes thoughts are a part of body mental-ism. That is what creates an inner language relating to anxious and pleasurable thoughts of the Inner Experience. Via a standard set of misaligned body notions you create a natural feeling or mental health illness of Anxiety Disorders. These notions create the body/brain barrier relating to how you think. The misalignments of anxious electro-chemistry is in the Sympathetic nerve, but stabilised into this via the ‘Rest and Digest’ nerve. At this point old thoughts may have subsided but some can be left with the chemical imbalance of Psychotic episodes. You are proving in a running exercise that you have nothing to be anxious about - by running away - in your electro-chemistry.
So the thing also to do is cause talkative topics of mild worry like politics or nature because that is a placebo of using verbalism with: positivism of body mentalist skills causing electro-chemical harmony in the body/brain barrier. 
Simply lowering a thumb and feeling it gives you confirmation that electro-chemistry is confirmed in the Buzz when the energy is returned to the thumb. And blood frequencies of the Inner Experience start to become electro-chemically stimulated again as a positive Placebo to your body mentalist attitude of self-communication. This is what you have to do to alleviate from mental health issues, but also Anxiety of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. The news is not really the right place to do this according to Social Sciences in the Globalising situation of war ethics. Think small but be as large as you can during daily doses of the Anxiety stimulants that is a dis-harmony in the Vagus nerve and the Sympathetic nerve. The Vagus nerve controls the inner and outer voice so bring it out and have a moan about something. This becomes a mental health of issues when the Parasympathetic nerve harmonises into electro-chemical balance of Anxious chemicals. Then a Psycho Social acceptance takes place in the Psychosocial Buzz reaching your eyes and energy lines. This Buzz is like Script and so creates a Buzzing energy starting with noise and motion. This Buzz feeds the atmosphere and your peripheral sensations and this is what causes Interpellation of Fashion Trending towards communication and congregating known as Cognition.
Sit and discuss this with yourself: it will teach you how to improve away from anxiousness in your vocal tones. This is the Norm of Societies daily way, but they do not have a lack, imbalance or energy blockage and so in a standard set of body communication is in electro-chemical essence and energy fed.  This then starts to feed the Psycho Social essence of your energy to restart radiating towards other people that would start to see a new you. Your Buzz of the crowd will change causing your inner frequency of Tinnitus to change the brains electro-chemistry into more positivism of body mental-ism.
Now we all say this but exercise: is good for Anxiety and Psychosis from electro-chemical imbalances which are Anxiety Disorders of the two nerves.  Exercising with a running enhancement is ideal. Running will train you to know your body language via your electro-chemistry and that will teach you: you have nothing to be electro-chemically worried about. That, you have nothing to run away from. This feeling is a part of Anxiousness. This then relieves Anxiety trauma in your ‘Fight or Flight’ nerve trauma and the resultant calming in the Parasympathetic nerve via ‘Disassociation’ and harmony in the brain’s Vagus nerve via breathing heavily onto the vocal cords after the exercise. You don’t have to be puffed out to have a good heart beating session. When you sprint or even walk briskly the ‘Fight or Flight nerve in the heart is affected causing your anxiousness from a lack of exercise. When you are trying to relax after the ideal exercise regime for Anxiety and Psychosis breathe deeply and calmly which causes the electro-chemical enhancement to outer Script. The Psychosocial Buzz will then see a new you forming from the hearts energy and this creates the Psycho Social Buzz of your blood frequency. That is a placebo effect of the Sympathetic nerve and ‘Fight or Flight’, but also the ‘Rest and Digest’ relating to wordless ‘Disassociation’ of breathing ‘Ignorance’. Also via this route the Harmony of the Parasympathetic nerve restores harmony via ‘Disassociation’ after the exercise. This placebo gets rid of any trauma of Psychosis because in the unconsciousness of ‘Rest and Digest’ your body mentalist calms after the running. And after running off trauma the untold self unconsciously realigns the electro-chemical imbalance or blockage in a certain part of the body’s energy lines via Plasticity, Arousal and Reward. So what’s your reward? The body/brain barrier of Sympathetic ‘Ignorance’ instead of: ‘Fight or Flight’ of an autonomic nervous symptom via an Anxiety Disorder.