The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

The Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head.

Have you ever said this? What are voices in the head? Or: I hear voices in my head? Well I can tell you if you have voices in the head then it’s from your Tinnitus frequency. This frequency is the voices in your head of your blood flow passing the inner ear. This in fact should be a clear and steady noise that gives motions to your Body Language via the notions of – usually un-worded frequency.
At times a Schizophrenic uses the blocking ability of a paranoid vocalisation or thought pattern from the inner voice box. This is where the frequency of the left ear is affected via outer noise of Script narration where your Script is a dissension to your inner voice box. This is what causes voices in the head – the interaction between the inner voice box and the inner ear.
Headphones can help alleviate this outer dissension via placing music into the left hand ear if you are a schizophrenic. Another blocking motion is to learn breathing techniques via blocking the ear with cotton wool – or some such and learning to breathe from the inner voice box (throat) as a noised sound that is heard internally. When breathing this simple technique against voices in the head, spread the left hand side of lips and rasp the breath. Look that word up if necessary.
At the same time each time voices in the head occur, rasp the breath and raise the right hand thumb. This is the placebo that causes Self-Behavioural Analysis that confirms notions to your inner self as a Body Mental-ism of positive attitude to yourself that outer sounds are not allowed in this way. Then confirm this as a correct notion in your attitude via raising the left thumb. At times you may not get this right and voices in the head start in your left hand ear’s Tinnitus frequency. Just because you don’t hear Tinnitus I assure you this is 
how thought interacts in the personal self (Core Identity). So at this point the placebo (positivism or psychiatric negativity) is to place the thumb downward. This gives a placebo notion that motions’ in your body are incorrect. This is what the EBook Body Mentalists is all about: giving you back your natural motions of placebo effects? So now you know that voices in the head are left hand Tinnitus disruptions – schizophrenic rather than paranoid schizophrenia.
Where usually a bodily notion is all you would usually use to counteract this bothersome Psychosocial (public/self) phobic attitude of outer noise schizophrenia is the result. This is how you self interpret  personal thought in the inner ear as a delusional attitude instead of wordless peaceful sound frequency (Buzz) in the head.
So now you have evidence and a simplistic device of body mentalist placebos to cure voices in the head from the left hand side of your inner hearing.
Psychosis, Bipolar and some psychotic episodes are also a cause of Tinnitus frequencies but are an unheard version that block voices in your head via Disassociation and deafness.
Psychosis and psychotic episodes from voices in the head usually go unheard and can also be a part of autism and Bipolar disorder. At points when the Dissension becomes too much a psychotic episode becomes apparent. At this point a reversal of the placebo to thumbs is necessary to calm the self of the psychotic notions that your body can counteract via lowering the thumb towards right hand Tinnitus frequencies.
Your Body is controlled via right hand Tinnitus and the left frequency controls the brain and what it updates from the bodily flow of blood Buzz transmissions. At this point of these illnesses the head needs to be turned towards the right so as the Rest and Digest of the right ear can take place via giving the left hand ear a dominant hearing level. This is how to regain control of your Parasympathetic and Sympathetic reactions of Body Mental-ism. Any aggression you feel in psychotic episodes is because you are allowing dominance in your right hand hearing level that instantly feed back to the left hand Buzz. It is known as Vestibular Motion Disorder (V.M.D)
Possible symptoms’ include:
Hearing changes
Hearing loss: distorted or fluctuating hearing
Sensitivity to loud noises or environments
Sudden loud sounds (of sublime in autism) should increase symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, or imbalance

Vestibular Motion Disorder causes Rest and Digest in the Parasympathetic nerve and in psychotic episodes and autism the explosive behaviour is an over-compensation in the brains Sympathetic reaction of Fight or Flight. That is, instead of Disassociation to Psycho Social interaction in your Buzzed frequency of the inner ear. In other words the harmony of your body/brain barrier causes yourself Dissension, panic, anxiety, paranoia and frustration towards your own motions from outer sounded notions. It is also the disruptions of depression and elation in Bi-polar disorders, but also has establishment in autism.
Difficulty concentrating and paying attention causing easy sublime distraction
Forgetfulness and short-term memory lapses
Confusion, disorientation
Difficulty following speakers in conversations, meetings, etc, especially when there is background noise or movement (sublime Psycho Social)
Mental and or physical fatigue out of proportion to activity
Psychological EFFECTS.
Loss of self-reliance, self-confidence, self-esteem
Anxiety, panic, social isolation

Now Paranoid schizophrenia and voices in the head are how frequencies affect the right hand ear as an inclusion to paranoia about your Buzzed noise reaching the left ear. This is an act of right hand Tinnitus affecting the bodily notions via what is happening in the left hand frequency of voices in the head. Just remember this Buzz is sublime and placebos of internal noise are needed like clearing the throat loudly. Sometimes the hearing is extended into the inner voice box via Tardif Dyskinesia causing verbalisation and can become psychopathic effects.
Tardif (also known as Tardive) Dyskinesia is a dysfunction of the mouth and inner voice box. In some un-necessary speech and or thoughts such as psychotic episodes of speech and thoughts become a mental illness of voices in the head.
Tardif Dyskinesia is the key cause of voices in the head from Schizophrenic type disorders because either the left or right side of the inner voice box is interpreting blood frequencies as the veins pass up and down the neck and onto the inner ears, but also from the brain and back to the heart. A brilliant placebo for undergoing changes to voices in the head is to regularly clear the throat with formulas of coughing. Anything from a rasping cough to a polite clearing of the throat is a perfect formula of placebos. The thumb is a right hand issue with this stance of Body Mentalist attitude from my own experience of drug induced psychotic effects from meds.
This is also whether heard or un-heard and so is also relative to psychotic episodes and autism, but also Bi-polar disorder and keeping the inner and outer ear open.
Bi-polar Disorder and deafness to voices in the head.
In this unheard version of mental illness to voices in the head of Bipolar disorder, voices in the head go unheard due to elation and the psychotic episodes and paranoia being replaced with depression. This is caused via confusion and frustration in the hearing causing self-frustration of lacking tears and then the resultant conscious depression sometimes causing tears for absolutely no reason other than frustration. This is due to the elation covering the fact that there are no tears and so causing pastime conscious alleviation.
Symptoms of:
Anxiety, social hearing isolation

Leading to:
Eventually elation instead of panic and paranoia.

What happens is that the inner ear loses hearing and a Rest and Digest of outer sublime issues is cancelled causing depression. Are you seeing comparison schizophrenics? Sudden elation is caused in the right hand ears’ over-compensation of the Sympathetic nerve’s reaction in the Fight or Flight and the left hand Disassociation frequencies of the hearing then restabilising. It is the Disassociation of a normally happy person being caused a lack of Psycho Social interaction that is your Bi-polar frustration. Remember schizophrenic illnesses are psychotic episodes and Bipolar creates psychotic episodes similar to Bipolar. Your psychotic episodes is frustration causing paranoia instead of elation and depression. Placebos can be caused in Body Mentalist attitude via my EBooks.........
Frustration is the effect of the Rest and Digest in the Parasympathetic reaction where deafness to Psycho Social is a Disassociation against bodily mental-ism of paranoia in the body/brain barrier. It is also conscious panic of the Fight or Flight of the Sympathetic nerve reaction creating elation of the normal hearing returning. In the latter partial deafness, is the route of Disassociation to schizophrenic disorders and the boisterousness of autism as well. So clear that throat and remember the rule of thumbs. If you hear voices it is because of a lack of body language and Bi-polar illnesses still retain body skills but lack hearing. You as a schizophrenic disorder are over stimulated in your hearing. Usually this is because a lack of body language causes the inner self psychotic episodes causing yourself to over extend the thought patterns..
However autism is an exception because of sensual hyper-stimulation.
Autism could be compliance towards voices in the head – at some point. This is where natural compliance is an Adaptation of sublime admittance via non-admittance as a conscious Cortical rebooting restructuring evolvement of ignorant hyperactivity to what is socially acceptable.
Also frustration is a key trigger of the boisterousness due to, but also how autism has overcome mentality issues of Vestibular Motion Disorder via ignorant hyperactivity over imbalance and Spatial Orientation disorders of:
Spinning or whirling sensation; an illusion of movement of self or the world (vertigo)
Lightheaded, floating, or rocking sensation (dizziness)
Sensation of being heavily weighted or pulled in one direction
Imbalance, stumbling, difficulty walking straight or turning a corner
Clumsiness or difficulty with coordination
Difficulty maintaining straight posture; tendency to look downward to confirm the location of the ground
Head may be held in a tilted position
Tendency to touch or hold onto something when standing, or to touch or hold the head while seated
Sensitivity to changes in walking surfaces or footwear
Muscle and joint pain (due to struggling with balance) (hyperactivity restabilzing)
Difficulty finding stability in crowds or in large open spaces

These bodily notions can be seen as compliance to Self narration of inner Script where Self thought is a natural ideology of the Garden of Eden and natured Congruence of special Psycho Social children evolving with compliance towards the Buzzed notions of their own frequencies in the left and right inner ears hearing methods. So if you hear voices in the head or you have Tardif Dyskinesia of delusional thoughts get hyperactive and go for a walk. Either that and clear your throat with rules of thumb as a beginning to a vacation of hiking and camping.
So over enthusiastic communication of hyperactivity is compensated for in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reactions of the inner/outer brain barrier imbalances of the body via: naturalised Psycho Social hearing and how the body perceives the Core Identity of Self body reactions of the hearing and inner voice box towards; Psychosocial stimulants of noises giving; frustration, panic, anxiety and paranoia to feelings of the inner and outer hearing. Or untoward boisterousness explained simplistically as special, but problematic autistic children.
I cannot say whether voices go unheard, but vertigo is not an issue due to hyperactivity and avoidance of sublime hearing issues via hyperactive verbalisation and body mental-ism. In natured Congruence birds may be a key resonance of noised Psycho Social stimulation.
Pychosocial resonance can travel for miles, especially resonance of natured Congruence. That being resonance energy of following a scent to redesign inner sound via a Body Mentalist attitude of hyper-communication and reactions against vertigo causing re-stabilisation of Spatial distortions in the bodies Nitrogen levels.
That is either via natured Congruence of verbal stimulus or the ears needing hot and or cold nitrogen (male and female scent) input. This is a part of evolving Karma and heat reaching the right hand ear of heated aggression being taken away in harmony of accentuating coldness into the left hand ear and how Vestibular Motion Disorders affects the Core Identity (Self).
But that is via the Vestibular Motion Disorder of: the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system controlled via: the brain’s Vagus nerve and internal organs and; the Vagus nerve’s Psycho Social automated and controlled ability over the inner voice box in paranoid and anxiousness of Tardif Dyskinesia to voices in the head.
This gives affectation of: outer communicative devices of nitrogen scent and; outer affects of nitrogen of Psychosocial stimulants on the inner stink of; nitrogen on the Core Identity (Self). It is how the vagus nerve controls automated speech and thought in the Self and; feeds the harmony of your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve. Gain some Body Ignorance via conscious Disassociation of clearing your throat with rules and thumb of the Parasympathetic nerve and the Sympathetic nerve of your body/brain barrier. Disassociation is what causes ignorance to your inner Self and how you move your head or Vestibular Motion Disorder causing many mental health illnesses like voices in your head. These voices in your head are known as The Trauma of Voices that Body Mentalists has cured within myself as a new Core Identity of Streetwise.
Voices and thoughts are an automated (Metropolis) Vagus nerve stimulant of Psycho Social interaction. It’s created via noise from everything and all that goes on around Us and your Core Identity ((Buzz) and noised Script (Erving Goffman, DD100, Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K, 2007) ‘narration’)) of the Self Healing of Someone That Once Knew. You can be those people and be progressive towards someone that once knew. So please why not try and buy the EBooks: Body Mentalists and The Trauma of Voices for yourself. I wrote them into University of becoming a Streetwise people’d someone once again