The Trauma of Voices
and Body Mentalists.

The Psychological traumas of Anxiety Disorders.

Social Phobia.
One of the most common definitions for trauma of anxiety disorders is Social Anxiety Disorder trauma (Social Phobia) that should not be confused with Psychosocial. There are many types of trauma of anxiety disorders but I've chosen to highlight this one first. It is okay to feel anxious at times as many do. But when you start to feel the trauma of anxiousness to the point of fearing social situations (Psychosocial) in your daily routine then perhaps a check up with the doctor could be necessary. I suggest you read on before jumping to conclusions about mentality trauma of this type of disorder. People suffering trauma of Social Phobia trauma will have excessive traumatic worrying about what they achieve in standards to socialisation. Simple things like cleanliness and the fear of being humiliated are factors involved in the trauma of daily life. What you need to do is STOP worrying and start pushing yourself into positivism of emotional thought that is relayed via the body. Your thoughts are expressed via body language, so here you need to break your Cycle of Enquiry via finding positive times in your life - no matter how small and then building yourself again. Consider that as a 'fresh starting point' and if you cannot find one make up a calm and relaxing scene. Next time you're out listen to what is going on around you in the sounds of the crowd. You may at times hear laughter or some type of ridiculing banter. These are factors involved in your trauma of Phobic Script narration and are the reason of your trauma of mental health. This means your life story of common sounds that follow you everywhere. This is the essence of Script and trauma of Phobia and is what you may or are following. In my experiences along my path, these were the things I noticed. If I raised my head usually it was miss timed and I would either look into an irrational face or the head motion would cause notions from the hubbub of the noisy crowd that caused me to look down again into trauma of mental anxiety due to medication. These are the ideals that cause the trauma of Social Phobias. A bit like turning round in alarm that causes you to panic or become fearful. This is what the trauma of voices website aims to cure. Sometimes a body notion from the trauma of emotional tones in the Buzz of a crowded bar in a Performance and Setting get imprinted in our electro-chemicals of scent. This Buzz is the sublime trauma of the Psychosocial Buzz of voices of trauma created in some people. These secret sounds are what cause your emotional state of traumatised mind and what I call in my E-books the Buzz. A simple term that defines this point is of walking into a bar and just knowing it's going to be a good night. That is the Buzz. Other times you will walk straight past the bar because those quiet sounds of merriment are in fact coming from the bar further down the street (Psycho Social Script). That is the ideal behind Script narration. If you are heading towards a certain location try not to think about it. Instead listen to the sounds entering you ears. This is where the secret trauma of voices exist in the Buzz that is happening all around us.
What I also suggest is a book or newspaper but when reading look and listen to what causes you to look up. Many of you will have apprehension when looking up because of influential Secret voices of trauma that cause the trauma of the Psychosocial Phobic of Social Phobias. Here your retraining can begin by smiling politely if it is someone walking towards you placidly. Keep in mind though looking up and giving a smile of positivism is excellent Self-behavioural Analysis. A simple smile and a cocking sideways of the head is the most complimentary to another approaching person. At this point carry on reading and do not lose concentration on your reading. Dont cause yourself to sigh at this point, "Use your mental illness so as you can live the positivism of that smile by staying alert to suspicious secrecy of the Buzz that is your trauma of voices and sounds. As the person gets near look up again and say, 'Hello'. In the next section further advice conjoins with the trauma of Agoraphobia. In some people even thinking about the source of a traumatic phobia can make a person feel anxious or traumatically panicky. This is known as the secret voice of trauma of 'Anticipatory anxiety'.

 Symptoms may include:
increased heart rate or palpitations
unsteadiness, dizziness and lightheadedness (See below).
shortness of breath
trembling or shaking
an upset stomach

Social Phobia involves the trauma of involvement in anxiety in meeting and talking to people because of fear or being humiliated. This type of trauma of anxiety issue is a part of Complex Phobias which also has Agoraphobia in its group. Identification to the secret voices of trauma is via studying in real time the noises and sounds, but also sublime vocal interaction from around the locality. Ponder before looking up. This E-book gives a vital key that allows you to assess your secret trauma of Psychosocial voices via rebuilding a new form of body ignorance towards the trauma of the Buzzed voices. Voices also have ideologies involved with body language and the how to re-establish yourself away from the trauma of secret voices, sounds, noises and how to counteract Psychosocial Phobias formulated via your existence.

Someone who has a trauma of agoraphobic conditions may find themselves in a traumatic stressful situation where they may experience symptoms of a panic attack such as:
rapid heartbeat
rapid breathing (hyperventilating)
feeling hot and sweaty
feeling sick
The trauma of Agoraphobia is not so much a fear of being in open spaces. It is an anxiety disorder so it causes an experience of panicing if no apparent exit from something - such as lifts - or some social situations where trauma of secrets exists as voices. The U.K term for the onset of trauma of symptoms is called 'Avoidance' trauma. It is at this point in your life that you need to reflect on. If you suffer Agoraphobia via Social Phobia the next point to ponder on is your first panic attack as this symptom can be related to the trauma of 'Panic disorder'. Between Avoidance and the onsets of Panic Disorder your emotions will range between the above points. The Trauma of Voices has excellent breathing techniques involved throughout the E-book. Body Mentalists teaches you how to become calm via the use of body ignorance in a way that is amicable to you when you are out and about. What has happened between these two emotional trauma hotspots in your life is that body notions have worked to build symptoms within yourself like electro-chemical triggers that cause a 'Fight or Flight' trauma syndrome of the Sympathetic nervous system because of the trauma of the Buzzed voices from the crowd. This then causes a rapid heart that is the feeling of panic in your Social Phobia. At this point you need to find your path back to the Parasympathetic nervous system and its complimentary effect of 'Rest and Digest'. Like with Social Phobia trauma of secret sublime voices, sounds and noise you need to keep calm, but not necessarily alert. This is a part of the 'Fight or Flight' syndrome causing you your inner reactions of a Social Phobia. If you decide to buy these two life changing E-books please keep this webpage in mind when you read through.

Panic Disorder.
Notions of Self through trauma of body language and trauma of voices are the symptons involved in starting Social panic disorders. This is because you may look around sharply for absolutely no reason other than the Buzzing crowd caused a reaction in your Script narration (life story). These body notions create a trauma of emotional state if Interpellation (electro-chemical reactions) causes so. You may have symptoms of panic disorder if you experience 'recurrent and unexpected panic attacks followed by at least one month of continuous worry or concern about having further attacks' . Therapy used to help in the treatment of traumatic Phobia conditions is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The two E-books offered here teaches you via the Route of Learning in Socio-psychology known as Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA). Buy them, they aided me to full recovery via using SBA. A download is available at present. They will cost only $21.99 for the two E-books.

Phobic trauma of secret voices and sounds are broadly described as: a debilitating trauma of fear that first consumes the senses and emotions and relays back to the body as sensual feelings and physical actions. But also how this sublime trauma of voices and sounds react towards what is your secret sublime life narration of trauma of sublime issues. These feelings and an initial action cause the fear factor to build that can be counteracted via SBA. If you know your tolerance levels you can use the techniques in the E-books to use SBA to have a terminology known as Psychosocial Moratorium. In this stasis 'Low commitment and high exploration' of the inner hearing allowing you plenty of time in your tolerance levels. In the initial stasis of SBA low commitment allows you to just sit and listen. The key you need is: think before you act. That then leads to 'High exploration' via using body ignorance. At this point in the life narration of sublime trauma of secret voices caused by societal gives a wealth of knowledge that slowly rebuilds the inner Self as ignorance factors of body counter notions of your Core Identity (The Self). Just one notion from these E-books could cause a cascade in your lifestyle. Yes NiaSymptoms resultant from Phobias include: unsteadiness, dizziness and lightheadedness (although I am dubious here as these are more of a 'Rest and Digest' nerve system) nausea sweating increased heart rate or palpitations shortness of breath trembling or shaking an upset stomach In the act of THETA - a period just before full conscious shutdown into the state of sleep a: blissful dizziness occurs. So saying, it is in the action of 'Rest and Digest' bordering into NREM2 sleep were outer senses are still alert due to the trauma of 'Fight or Flight' in the Sympathetic nervous system. Exercises to use with the two E-books. When you are at home the audios at: can be used as an analysis into your SBA tolerance levels. What I suggest is put on an extra appliance that can be played into the background. Now from here focus on the audio narrations tones but feel the tones of the other appliance such as the news channel or talking radio. Exist in a state of hearing where the sounds conjoin into words fading into and out of consciousness. A state where the calming audios need to overpower those harsh tones that fade and intertwine as your Psychosocial Buzz of secret sublime voices of trauma narrating yourself into emotional states. That is how the Norm of Society react to create a stable state of emotional electro-chemicals from scent, body ignorance and conversations. What you will start to find is that certain emotional tones and noises set into the background will cause reactions and notions from you, but the calming of the audio needs to outweigh the secret sublime trauma of those voices to paranoia and anxiety. In other words use your anxiety as a 'Fight' tool. Here you can start to live your heart as a consciousness balancing you back to the 'Rest and Digest' of the Parasympathetic nervous system. These exercises against Psychosocial Phobias that are the secrecy of sublime voices of trauma, noises and vocal tonal noises are the symptoms that I explain as the 'Psychosocial Buzz' of Script Dissension and the Psychosocial Paranoia it causes in your emotional mind set. Try not to tune into the background noise keep it as a tonal sublime narration. This is how Script Dissension in your life narration forms into secret trauma of societal voices and sounds. You may find yourself looking around at certain points of emotional tonal noises and sounds. As you look start to notice your posture and facial stances. These are mainly answered in Body Mentalists, but E-book 1 also contains much helpful advice about body ignorance against sublime trauma of voices of trauma as well. The state of body ignorance is an answer to your tonal trauma of sublime vocal symptoms of a confused state of mind and a heart that does not believe..Here it, feel it....Survive it.
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